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Nekotronics universal 5 rail PSU blank PCB


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This pcb offers 5 different power rails in a small package.

It supports 2 adjustable rails via LM317/LM337. 2 x 78xx series rails positive and negative. Finalaly theres an extra positive 78xx regulator which can be used as a “dirty” rail.

All regulators have space for PCB mounted heatsinks on the board. It can fit in 1ru height 19″ rack depending on needed heatsink.

The output header has multiple outs for a few of the rails to help with wiring.

Very useful and usable for a wide range of DIY projects. You can populate only a few rails or go all out and power a project with multiple needs.

Theres two options for the PCB, with the AC input header moved from 90 degrees from output to horizontally inline. Helps with placement of the power transformer and wiring.

Weight 0.1 kg
PCB type

Type A 90 degrees, Type B inline


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