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The Nekotronics BussCat recreates the classic sound of vintage SSL mixing desks in the the 500 series format.

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Introducing the Buss Cat

The latest compressor from Nekotronics and the first 500 series module released.

The Buss Cat takes the original rack version of the popular Nekotronics mixbus compressor and squeezes it down into 500 series. This differs from the rack version in a few ways but retains some of the best features. All of this comes in at an unbeatable price, by far the cheapest 500 series SSL style buss compressor available. The Nekotronics BussCat recreates the classic sound of vintage SSL mixing desk compressors in the the 500 series format.

Taking up 2 500 series slots, the BussCat mixbus compressor operates in stereo and offers classic VCA based compression that is famously suited to the mixbus but just as useful on drums, guitars or anything else you want to squish.

The infamous snap and glue from the SSL original mixing desks are present, giving you the ability to add that finishing touch of class to your mixes. Plenty of control is available with 6 ratio settings, variable attack and release, alongside auto release. The high pass filter takes care of the bass, allowing more bass heavy music to benefit from VCA compression. It allows the bass to move through the sidechain without causing pumping effects. Get your 808 kicks out! Boom!

Under the hood theres a stereo sidechain powered by THAT VCA’s, also known as the turbo mod in the rack version. This allows a superb stereo image and smooth compression with wide mixes.

Lastly the compressor sports a red colour way with a wide selection of colour choices for the knobs and buttons. Most importantly it has cats and we all know that will make your track a hit.

6 ratio settings

Sporting the classic 2, 4 and 10 to 1 ratio settings but adding 6 and 8 to 1 for more flexibility. 1.5.1 ratio is available for mastering purposes

High pass filter

4 high pass filter (HPF) settings to sculpt the compression reaction to bass. A key feature for modern music

Auto release

Let the compressor do the work with auto release. This discrete circuit automatically switches between fats and slow attack in response to the musical peaks

Backlit meter

VU meters are sexy but backlit ones are even sexier. Buss Cat’s meter shows how much compression is happening. Endlessly entertaining to watch

Mixbuss glue

Classic VCA compression adding glue and punch to your mixes. The finishing touch to many great mixes.

Variable attack and release

Featuring variable attack and release controls to really dial in the punch the hold of the compressor to your music.

Customise your cat

Customise your knobs

Knobs are available in a rainbow of colours, appealing to all tastes and styles.

Customise your buttons

Buttons are available in 4 different colours, white, grey, red and black.

Hand built with high quality components

Each compressor is fully hand built and tested in the UK. Using high quality components such as Wima poly caps, Panasonic FC “gold” elec caps, 1% tolerence resistors, THAT VCA’s, Alpha pots and lorlin switches. Everything is chosen for the best audio quality possible and durability.

Before shipping every compressor has a 24 hour monitored burn in to ensure all parts are working and stress tested.

Weight 1.1 kg
Colour way

Red, Black

Knob cap colour

Blue, Red, Orange, Black, White, Grey, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink / Lupin

Button colour

White, Gray, Black, Red

7 reviews for Buss Cat Compressor

  1. Steven (verified owner)

    It is flexible with the different ratios and high pass so you can leave bass and not get the pumping.
    Very pleased with it so far, I am enjoying using it on the mixbus. It adds a nice heft or solidness and brings everything together so its dancing as one.
    I go fairly subtle, but then when bypassed that is when you miss it! I am now finding excuses to run more stuff through this with more extreme settings before we get to the mixbus. It is such a lot of fun, and it feels very solid. Very good quality pots, and the movement of the VU meter is great. For the money this is a bargain for the quality and features.

  2. Mike Lawetto

    By far one of my most favourite analog compressors I’ve tried. The glue that this thing adds regardless of how much GR you’re hitting is amazing. When I shot out 10 VCA SSL styled compressors there were three that caught my ears. Two of them were priced above 2k. The other was the BussCat. I use the BussCat on everything I do. It’s currently sitting on my two bus chain where it gets used 99% of the time. You can hear its gooeyness on the soundtrack for BBCs The Split Season 3. Excited for what Nekotronics does next

  3. Nath Chinn (verified owner)

    Lives on my mixbuss, really underrated for the money

  4. Leon del Muerte (verified owner)

    Put this on the drum bus and BOOM! magic. It did take a tiny bit of fiddling to get it to sit right in the rack, but once it was in there, I can’t imagine ever taking it out.

  5. TomJ

    Absolutely love it. Very high quality for the price & sounds amazing!

  6. Eduardo Lopez (verified owner)

    It’s a must on my mix bus, I prefer it to most plugins, The 1.5 ratio sounds creamy on acoustic mixes and I feel it slightly widens the mix in a very pleasant way, I love the HPF options and the auto release, I find it very flexible. Can’t beat the price.
    PD: You have a cat watching over you over the VU meter.

  7. Tony

    Loving it so far, surprised me how it enhances the stereo field which the plugin does not. Does the glue sound very well. Ordered black colour, which was out of stock but delivered very quickly.

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